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With over a quarter of a century of experience in research and development, including in both industrial and pharmaceutical laboratory analysis, Dyalent boasts a wealth of knowledge in the field.

Why Dyalent laboratory analyses

When you entrust your laboratory analysis to Dyalent, you have at your disposal the best certified analytical laboratories, equipped with equipment that complies with all regulations and directives to carry out routine analysis. Dyalent's structure allows for high and fast responsiveness to the authorities' request to urgently follow up analyzes of the product or raw materials, for example for security reasons. Analysis procedures and methods are standardized, but the industries and companies that need to apply them have very different characteristics and requirements. When you rely on Dyalent, you receive a personalized quote based on your logistical and timing needs. Dyalent has been taking care of analytical samples since its inception, offering a door-to-door service between the location specified by the customer and the analytical laboratory. We therefore offer our customers end-to-end and, if desired, temperature-controlled logistics, which ensures the delivery of samples to the analysis laboratory within 24 hours of collection.

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Third step is to get the perfect solution delivered at your doorstep. If needed within 24 hours timeframe.

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Why Dyalent?

  • R&D Lab
  • Chemical Lab
  • Microbiological Lab (equipped with 2 Cleanrooms)
  • Climatic Chambers (>320 m3, all ICH conditions covered)
  • 2800m2 dedicated GMP/GLP area
  • 3 independent laboratories
  • Huge storage capacity in the same facility
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      About Dyalent

      ISO certified laboratories

      With Dyalent you have the best ISO certified analysis laboratories and the most modern methods at your disposal.


      Industrial analysis

      With Dyalent, it is possible to outsource the industrial and environmental analysis required for the production, development and marketing of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and consumer products.


      Quality analysis

      In this way, our customers can guarantee the quality of products and processes without having to provide themselves with equipped analytical laboratories and qualified and up-to-date staff, a chore for any company, large or small. The analyzes are carried out in laboratories certified and selected by Dyalent, in accordance with legal regulations and current GMP and ISO guidelines.


      In vitro

      Since October 2020, we have been expanding our analytical offering with the option of conducting in vitro dissolution and absorption studies of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. These studies are increasingly requested by the authorities and their correct establishment and management leads to a better development and control of the products.


      Support across 27+ countries around the world


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